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Default Manhattan Chess Club

On 3 Jul 2003 06:25:02 -0700, (Ivan) wrote:

I was wondering if the Manhattan Chess Club is still closed. I went to
the New Yorker hotel yesterday but I could not find the location where
they meet.

The club was on the 17th floor of the Hotel New Yorker.

Also, could anyone tell me why they closed their club?

They were essentially evicted from their former premises on 343 West
46 the Street by Chess in the Schools. The space in the Hotel New
Yorker was too small to hold tournaments, so their income dried up.

I believe the
Internet is hurting alot of chess clubs. To me, I'd prefer meeting
and playing people instead of sitting in front of a computer.

If they are closed, then could some random person (i.e. myself) found
and funded a new chess club and then called it the Manhattan Chess
club or is the name "copyrighted" ?

No. You cannot do that. The club still exists as a paper corporation
and, when the widow of Fan Adams dies, the club is due to receive

Sam Sloan