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A good computer game with a rare EP capture!!!

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Old December 8th 03, 11:41 PM posted to alt.chess
Chuck in Minot
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Default A good computer game with a rare EP capture!!!

Thought some of you would enjoy reviewing a chess game played between 2
computers that features a rare real life En Passant capture by my Fidelity
2100. Also having seen in the past quite a few posts asking about examples
of an En Passant captures this serves as a pretty good example on how the
move is played.

Now I've played a lot of computer games over the years, its what I love to
do, but this is the very first time I have ever seen an En Passant capture
during a computer game, and it was a real treat to see. Not sure if this is
a really a rare occurrence in the world of computer games, but it was
certainly the first time I have ever seen it, and I was quite surprised
and delighted to see it. The game also ends in Checkmate.
The En Passant takes place on the 18th move.


Fidelity 2100 -vs- Rebel 12 DOS
White: Fidelity Designer 2100 Model 6103
Black: Rebel 12 DOS
Opening: Nimzo Indian Defense / RU
40 moves in 2 hours at 3 minutes per move

Thinking on opponents time enabled on both machines.

1. d2-d4 Ng8-f6
2. c2-c4 e7-e6
3. Nb1-c3 Bf8-b4
4. e2-e3 O-O
5. Ng1-f3 d7-d5
6. Bf1-d3 c7-c5
7. O-O Nb8-c6
8. a2-a3 Bb4xc3
9. b2xc3 Qd8-c7
10. c4xd5 e6xd5
11. d4xc5 Nc6-e5
00:00:01 7.00 -0.16 Ne5 Nxe5 Qxe5 Qc2 Ne4 f3 Qxc3 Qxc3 Nxc3 (c)
12. Nf3xe5 Qc7xe5
00:00:00 12.00 -0.33 Qxe5 Rb1 Qc7 Qc2 g6 f3 Qxc5 Rd1 (c)
13. Qd1-b3 Nf6-e4
00:00:02 7.01 -0.10 Ne4 Qb4 Re8 f3 Qxc3 Qb1 Nf6 (c)
14. Bd3xe4 d5xe4
00:00:00 5.00 -0.13 dxe4 Rd1 Bg4 Rd4 Rab8 Rb1 (c)
15. Qb3-b4 Rf8-e8
00:00:01 7.03 0.02 Re8 Rd1 a5 Qd4 Bg4 Qxe5 Rxe5 Rd4 (c)
16. Ra1-b1 a7-a5
00:00:02 7.02 0.10 a5 Qd4 Qg5 f4 Qh4 f5 Rd8 (c)
17. Qb4-d4 Qe5-g5
00:00:00 13.03 0.07 Qg5 Rb2 Ra6 Rd2 (c)
18. f2-f4 e4xf3ep
00:00:01 8.00 0.18 exf3 Rxf3 Rd8 Rg3 Rxd4 Rxg5 Rd1 Kf2 Be6 (c)
19. Rf1xf3 Re8-d8
00:00:00 14.04 0.25 Rd8 Rg3 Rxd4 Rxg5 Rd1 (c)
20. Rf3-g3 Rd8xd4
00:00:00 16.00 0.31 Rxd4 Rxg5 Rd1 Kf2 h6 (c)
21. Rg3xg5 Rd4-d1+
00:00:00 15.00 0.61 Rd1+ Kf2 f6 Rh5 Bg4 Rh4 Bf5 Ra1 g5 (c)
22. Kg1-f2 f7-f6
00:00:00 11.00 0.38 f6 Rg3 Bf5 Rxb7 Rxc1 Rgxg7 Kh8 c6 Rxc3 g4 (c)
23. Rg5-g3 Bc8-f5
00:00:00 14.00 0.75 Bf5 Rxb7 Rxc1 Rbxg7 (c)
24. Rb1xb7 Rd1xc1
00:00:00 14.00 0.99 Rxc1 Rgxg7+ Kh8 Rge7 Rxc3 Rb6 Rxc5 (c)
25. Rg3xg7+ Kg8-h8
00:00:00 13.00 0.64 Kh8 c6 Re8 Rbe7 (c)
26. Rb7-a7 Rc1-c2+
00:00:04 9.00 0.66 Rc2+ Kg3 Re8 Rgf7 Be4 Rxf6 Rxg2 Kh3 (c)
27. Kf2-g3 Ra8-e8
00:00:00 13.04 1.09 Re8 Rgf7+ Rxc3 Rxa5 Rcxe3 Kf4 (c)
28. Rg7-f7 Bf5-e4
00:00:00 13.03 1.37 Be4 Kh4 Rxg2 (c)
29. Rf7xf6 Rc2xg2+
00:00:02 8.00 1.09 Rxg2+ Kh3 Re2 Rxa5 Rxe3 Kh4 Rxc3 Rb6 Rg8 (c)
30. Kg3-h3 Re8-g8
00:00:00 10.19 2.19 Reg8 Rf4 Bd5 Rxh7 Kxh7 (c)
31. Rf6-f4 Be4-d5
00:00:00 14.04 4.58 Bd5 Rxh7+ Kxh7 Rh4 Kg6 e4 (c)
32. Ra7-e7 Rg2-g6
00:00:02 8.00 5.98 R2g6 Ree4 Rh6 Rh4 Rxh4 Kxh4 (c)
33. e3-e4 Bd5-c4
00:00:07 11.00 10.93 Bc4 Rxh7+ Kxh7 Rh4 Kg7 Rg4 Be6 (c)
34. Re7xh7+ Kh8xh7
00:00:00 14.00 19.09 Kxh7 Rh4+ Kg7 Rg4 Be6 (c)
35. Rf4-h4+ Kh7-g7
00:00:06 11.00 11.36 Kg7 Rg4 Be6 Kg2 Rxg4 (c)
36. Rh4-g4 Bc4-e6
00:00:00 14.00 21.74 Be6 Kg3 Rxg4 (c)
37. Kh3-g3 Rg6xg4+
00:00:00 7.00 10.80 Rxg4+ Kf3 Kf6 Ke3 Ke5 Kd3 Rd8 Ke3 Rxe4 (c)
38. Kg3-f3 Kg7-f6
00:00:03 9.00 12.21 Kf6 Ke2 Rxe4 Kf2 Rc4 h4 (c)
39. c5-c6 Kf6-e5
00:00:01 7.00 Mate in 7 moves Ke5 Ke3 Rxe4 Kd3 Rd8 Kc2 Re2 (c)
40. c6-c7 Rg8-f8+
00:00:00 4.00 Mate in 6 moves Rf8+ Ke2 Rxe4 Kd3 Rf3 Kd2 (c)
41. Kf3-e3 Rg4xe4+
00:00:00 1.00 Mate in 5 moves Rxe4+ Kd3 Rf3+ Kd2 Rf2+ Kd1 Bg4+ (c)
42. Ke3-d3 Rf8-f3+
00:00:00 1.23 Mate in 4 moves Rf3+ Kd2 Rf2+ Kd1 Bg4+ Kc1 Re1+ (c)
43. Kd3-d2 Rf3-f2+
00:00:00 1.20 Mate in 3 moves Rf2+ Kd1 Bg4+ Kc1 Re1+ (c)
44. Kd2-d1 Be6-g4+
00:00:00 1.32 Mate in 2 moves Bg4+ Kc1 Re1+ (c)
45. Kd1-c1 Re4-e1+
00:00:00 1.11 Checkmate! Rebel 12 wins! Re1+ (c)

Chess program: Ed Schroder
Book openings: Jeroen Noomen

Copyright: E.G.H. Schroder BV


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