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93 Moves game by GetClub with Jester

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Old August 1st 08, 09:37 AM posted to rec.games.chess.analysis,rec.games.chess.misc,alt.chess,rec.games.chess.computer,rec.games.chess.politics
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Default 93 Moves game by GetClub with Jester

Today I have a match between Jester and GetClub. Jester was a pawn up
at 24th move

Was 23.g7-g6{6} Played by GetClub on 23rd move correct or should it
have taken the Pawn at h6?

This game looked like a draw after 65 move But slowly Jester managed
to get a Queen with his extra pawn.

Game Played between Jester and beginner at GetClub.com

Jester: (White)
beginner: (Black)
Game Played at: http://www.GetClub.com/Chess.html
View Recorded Game: http://www.getclub.com/playgame.php?...926&game=Chess

White -- Black
(Jester) -- (beginner)

1. e2-e4{2} e7-e6{0}
2. d2-d4{6} d7-d5{0}
3. e4-e5{6} c7-c5{0}
4. c2-c3{6} Qd8-b6{0}
5. Ng1-e2{20} Nb8-c6{6}
6. f2-f4{20} Bc8-d7{14}
7. g2-g4{20} Ng8-h6{46}
8. g4-g5{18} Nh6-f5{44}
9. Bf1-h3{20} c5-d4{26}
10. Bh3-f5{18} e6-f5{66}
11. c3-d4{22} Bf8-e7{12}
12. Nb1-c3{20} Bd7-e6{8}
13. Ke1-g1{20} Ke8-g8{20}
14. Bc1-e3{20} Qb6-b2{30}
15. Ra1-b1{20} Qb2-a3{8}
16. Rb1-b7{20} Rf8-e8{82}
17. Qd1-b3{28} Qa3-b3{8}
18. Rb7-b3{22} Ra8-b8{8}
19. Rf1-b1{20} Rb8-b3{8}
20. Rb1-b3{20} Re8-c8{6}
21. Rb3-b5{20} Rc8-d8{10}
22. Kg1-g2{20} h7-h6{10}
23. g5-h6{20} g7-g6{6} {Jester Pawn up}
24. Rb5-b7{26} Rd8-b8{28}
25. Rb7-b8{18} Nc6-b8{8}
26. Nc3-b5{24} Kg8-h7{6}
27. Nb5-a7{20} Nb8-a6{6}
28. Na7-c6{24} Be7-a3{10}
29. Be3-c1{22} Ba3-f8{12}
30. Bc1-b2{20} Kh7-h6{10}
31. a2-a3{20} Be6-d7{20}
32. Nc6-d8{22} Kh6-g7{16}
33. Nd8-b7{20} Bd7-c6{12}
34. Nb7-a5{18} Bc6-d7{10}
35. Ne2-c3{18} Na6-c7{6}
36. Kg2-f3{20} f7-f6{8}
37. Kf3-e3{18} f6-e5{10}
38. f4-e5{22} g6-g5{14}
39. Na5-b3{20} f5-f4{0}
40. Ke3-f3{20} Kg7-g8{22}
41. h2-h4{18} g5-h4{8}
42. Nb3-c1{24} h4-h3{12}
43. Nc1-d3{18} h3-h2{10}
44. Kf3-g2{18} f4-f3{20}
45. Kg2-h2{18} Bd7-c6{6}
46. Kh2-g3{20} Nc7-e6{6}
47. Nc3-d1{22} Bc6-b5{10}
48. Nd3-b4{20} Bf8-b4{30}
49. a3-b4{30} Bb5-e2{10}
50. Nd1-e3{20} Ne6-g5{24}
51. b4-b5{20} Ng5-e4{24}
52. Kg3-f4{20} f3-f2{16}
53. b5-b6{46} Be2-a6{0}
54. Kf4-f3{22} Kg8-f7{6}
55. Kf3-g2{24} Kf7-e6{26}
56. b6-b7{20} Ba6-b7{8}
57. Ne3-g4{22} Ke6-f7{38}
58. Ng4-f2{20} Kf7-e6{24}
59. Nf2-d3{18} Ke6-d7{16}
60. Kg2-f3{20} Ne4-g5{16}
61. Kf3-f4{22} Ng5-e6{8}
62. Kf4-g4{22} Bb7-c8{20}
63. Kg4-f3{22} Ne6-c7{22}
64. Bb2-a3{26} Kd7-c6{6}
65. Kf3-e3{18} Bc8-d7{14}
66. Ba3-d6{22} Nc7-a6{12}
67. Ke3-d2{24} Bd7-e8{24}
68. Nd3-f4{22} Be8-d7{12}
69. Nf4-g6{22} Kc6-b7{12} {Time not recorded after that.}
70.Kd2-e3 Bd7-c8
71.Ng6-f4 Kb7-c6
72.Ke3-f3 Bc8-b7
73.Bd6-f8 Na6-c7
74.e5-e6 Kc6-b5
75.Kf3-e3 Bb7-c6
76.Bf8-d6 Nc7-e8
77.Bd6-e5 Kb5-c4
78.Nf4-d3 Kc4-b3
79.Nd3-c5+ Kb3-c3
80.e6-e7 Kc3-b4
81.Ke3-f4 Kb4-c4
82.Kf4-f5 Kc4-b5
83.Kf5-e6 Kb5-c4
84.Nc5-d7 Kc4-b5
85.Nd7-b8 Kb5-b6
86.Nb8xc6 Kb6xc6
87.Ke6-f7 Kc6-d7
88.Kf7-f8 Ne8-c7
89.Be5xc7 Kd7xc7
90.e7-e8 Kc7-b6
91.Qe8-d7 Kb6-a6
92.Qd7xd5 Ka6-b6

Jester: (White)
beginner: (Black)
Game Played at: http://www.GetClub.com/Chess.html
View Recorded Game: http://www.getclub.com/playgame.php?...926&game=Chess

Do you see how good GetClub played?

GetClub was improved Twice today So you will feel a much stronger

Do you see any wrong move made by GetClub?


Play Chess at: http://www.GetClub.com/Chess.html
Old August 2nd 08, 02:19 AM posted to rec.games.chess.analysis,rec.games.chess.misc,alt.chess,rec.games.chess.computer,rec.games.chess.politics
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Default 93 Moves game by GetClub with Jester

On Aug 1, 2:37 am, Sanny wrote:

Do you see how good GetClub played?

No, what have you been smoking?

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