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Yet *another* bust in Plaskett's book Can You Be A Tactical ChessGenius? [FEN "r1q2nk1/pb2brpp/1p2pp2/8/1PBNP3/PQB5/5PPP/2KR3R b - - 0 0"] by raylopez99
Sorry if this sounds like a broken record, but GM Plaskett, in this 2002 book, did not use a chess engine to verify solutions for his proposed answers. Here is yet another bust that I found. Problem Test 7, Puzzle 13, I chose 1...b4. The PC says 1...a4 is even better. Short's 1...Bxb4?, recommended by Plaskett, is refuted as shown below.
August 10th 10 05:58 PM
by raylopez99 Go to last post
4 544
race conditions by Black Sunshine
Can anyone help me with some tips on race situations? Basically these are when powerful offense can be claimed at the expense of a building defense problem. Also, maybe when lazy at the end and not wanting to protect a few pawns in the quest for a queen. Most people seem to keep stalwart attention on the defense, not letting anything to be deteriorated, but I see an opportunity here if some rules...
July 31st 10 09:00 PM
by Black Sunshine Go to last post
0 520
Analyzing Ray Lopez's "Master Level" Game by Taylor Kingston[_2_]
As regular rgc readers are well aware, and as can be seen he http://groups.google.com/group/rec.games.chess.misc/browse_thread/thread/077fb4ed74f3767c# some weeks ago Ray Lopez posted here a game of his which he proclaimed to be a flawless, master-level game. In his usual brash, insolent manner, he challenged rgc readers to analyze the game and see if any mistake, by either player, could be...
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July 14th 10 09:55 PM
by raylopez99 Go to last post
48 2,028
Sam Sloan's Latest (not greatest) Games of Chess from 2010 World Open by samsloan
1.g4 d5 2.Bg2 c6 3.h3 h5 4.g5 Bf5 5.d3 e6 6.Nc3 Bd6 7.e4 Bg6 8.f4 Qc7 9.Qf3 Ne7 10.Nge2 h4 11.O-O Nd7 12.Be3 Bc5 13.Bxc5 Nxc5 14.Qe3 Qb6 15.f5 Bh5 16.exd5 Bxe2 17.Nxe2 cxd5 18.f6 gxf6 19.gxf6 Nc6 20.d4 Ne4 21.Bxe4 dxe4 22.Qxe4 O-O-O 23.c3 Rd5 24.b4 Qb5 25.Kh1 Rg5 26.Rg1 Rf5 27.Rg7 Rxf6 28.a4 Qh5 29.Rag1 Rf2 30.Rg8+ Rxg8 31.Rxg8+ Kd7 32.Rg2 Rf1+ 33.Kh2 Re1 34.b5 Na5 35.Rg4 Kd6 36.Kg2 Nc4 37.Kf2...
(Multi-page thread 1 2)
July 14th 10 03:43 PM
by sd Go to last post
10 806
[FEN "r4r1k/1b2bppp/p3pn2/qp2Q1B1/7P/2N2PR1/PPP3P1/2KR1B2 w - - 0 1"]spectacular Q sac by raylopez99
In the event below, James Plaskett in his book gives 15 points to a spectacular Q sac that gives mate (I have it in the line below), and only 5 points for 1. h5 (which Fritz scores as .63), but I'm taking 5 points for 1. Bh6!, which, not as good as the main move, also gives a . 57 score on Fritz. RL
July 12th 10 03:59 PM
by raylopez99 Go to last post
0 429
One move out of book, and black loses in the Sicilian Poisoned Pawn by raylopez99
Bobby Fischer hated book for that reason. 19. Bxb7? is an "optically" good move (looks good) but loses by force. Correct was giving up the queen, with (amazingly) a roughly equal position. RL
July 12th 10 01:32 AM
by Mark Houlsby[_3_] Go to last post
5 587
8/pp4kp/4p3/6pP/4K3/5P2/PPP5/8 w - - 0 1 is a draw with either ofthese moves by raylopez99
8/pp4kp/4p3/6pP/4K3/5P2/PPP5/8 w - - 0 1 In this position, from Plaskett-Rowson, Scotland 1998, Plaskett in his tactics book gives 15 points credit to 1...Kg7, which is a fine move that leads to a draw, and also suggested by the PC, but I suggest 1...b5 which also leads to a draw. As I don't see any refutation of my move (see below), I am taking 15 points as well.
(Multi-page thread 1 2 3 ... Last Page)
July 11th 10 01:56 PM
by Taylor Kingston[_2_] Go to last post
35 1,787
N on 6th rank as powerful as a R by raylopez99
A Mistake-Free (TM) blitz game, a RayLopez99 Instructional Game(TM) and an Heirloom Chess (TM) game, all rolled up in one, enjoy! The takeway here is though I took chances with the bishop taking on f6 in opening up the K-side to attack, I counterattacked on the other side (as is proper), and I planted the knight firmly on the sixth rank, where it is equivalent, says no less an authority...
July 10th 10 02:30 AM
by Mark Houlsby[_2_] Go to last post
3 560
B47 Sicilian: black trades queen for three pieces by raylopez99
This line of the Taimanov Sicilian with 7...a6 is considered "harmless" for black, if you don't mind trading your queen for three minor pieces! Looks good for black; I prefer to have the queen. Thus I would avoid 7...a6 and try 7...Nf6 A sample game below (there are many), and it seems White has a better game, though below White lost since it did not press the attack properly.
July 8th 10 10:18 AM
by raylopez99 Go to last post
1 517
Shabalov - Kamsky from world open by Alex
was there a blunder in this game or is there a mistake from the world open game. the Bishop on b7 is hanging and white's queen just takes it. http://www.chessgames.com/perl/chessgame?gid=1586617
July 7th 10 02:38 PM
by Taylor Kingston[_2_] Go to last post
2 518
Endgame finesse: 8/8/5P2/r3P2K/8/8/8/7k w - - 0 0 white to move by raylopez99
Plaskett in his tactics exam book claims that in the below position 1. f7 wins, giving the main line shown below, and indeed this leads to checkmate, but my move of 1. Kg6 gives a queen vs rook endgame that looks like White can win. In certain positions queen equals rook when nothing else is on the board, but I don't think this is one of them, see:...
July 6th 10 05:42 PM
by raylopez99 Go to last post
9 606
Tell your views about GetClub Chess. by None
On Jul 6, 7:10*am, Mark Houlsby wrote: Getclub is a piece of poo. Don't be silly, Alan, it's nowhere near as useful as that. Poo can be used as fertiliser, for example.... Is fertiliser Olde English for fertilizers?
July 6th 10 04:17 PM
by Mark Houlsby[_2_] Go to last post
1 439
Tell your views about GetClub Chess. by Taylor Kingston[_2_]
On Jul 5, 1:25*pm, Sanny wrote: Let me know what are your opinion about GetClub Chess? A random list of a few things I enjoy more than GetClub: Insomnia Flossing Mislaying my car keys Shoveling snow
July 6th 10 03:46 PM
by Taylor Kingston[_2_] Go to last post
0 367
My best game so far: I swear it by raylopez99
Can somebody please analyze this blitz game of mine and tell me what you think? I think this is one of my best games...seriously. I know I've made that claim in the past, and numerous errors were pointed out to me later by kibitzers, but I swear this one is nearly Mistake-Free (TM) and of Heirloom Chess (TM) quality. I missed an easy win at move 25, but it was not obvious to me under time...
(Multi-page thread 1 2)
July 5th 10 08:41 PM
by raylopez99 Go to last post
13 791
Win a pawn in this difficult position: r4rk1/p4pp1/q1p1bn1p/3p4/1bpP4/1PN3P1/P1QBPPBP/R4RK1w - - 0 16 by raylopez99
Like magic, white wins a pawn, and the game. How did he do it? RL r4rk1/p4pp1/q1p1bn1p/3p4/1bpP4/1PN3P1/P1QBPPBP/R4RK1 w - - 0 16
July 5th 10 08:29 PM
by raylopez99 Go to last post
2 474
Kremlin bad guy plays a good game: r1b2rk1/ppq1b1pp/2p1pB2/2np2N1/8/1P1BP2P/P2N1PP1/2RQ1RK1b - - 0 16 by raylopez99
r1b2rk1/ppq1b1pp/2p1pB2/2np2N1/8/1P1BP2P/P2N1PP1/2RQ1RK1 b - - 0 16 From the above position, what's the best move for black to take the bishop and maintain resistance, with only a half pawn advantage to white? With the rook, with the bishop, or, unconventionally, with the pawn!? Game below. Krylenko was Stalin's gofer and right-hand man and of course himself
July 4th 10 10:12 PM
by raylopez99 Go to last post
0 432
King's Gambit has become popular lately for white...since MagnusCarlson played it by raylopez99
Here is a setup for black that always wins against weaker players...don't know what it's called, but it's some variant of the Modern KG accepted. Black takes a long time to castle, but when he does, he's safe. White should try a king-side pawn storm (IMO) but weaker players (at the amateur level, where I play) don't seem to do this, and end up down a pawn. A RayLopez99 Instructive Game (TM),...
July 4th 10 03:32 PM
by raylopez99 Go to last post
0 442
Mate in 5: find it-- 3r4/3qkp2/p2p1b1Q/1prBpP2/4P3/2P3R1/PP6/1K4R1 w- - 0 1 by raylopez99
What would you play to get mate in five in the following position? I played Bxf7, which wins, but not the quickest way. 3r4/3qkp2/p2p1b1Q/1prBpP2/4P3/2P3R1/PP6/1K4R1 w - - 0 1 From the game Lutz-Ftacnik, Germany 2001 Interestingly, in the below position Bxf7 also wins! 3r4/3qkB2/p2p1b1Q/1pr1pP2/4P3/2P2R2/PP6/1K3R2 b - - 0 1
July 4th 10 11:43 AM
by raylopez99 Go to last post
0 511
Find the best move: r2q1rk1/p1p2p2/bp2p1np/n2pP1p1/2PP1N1B/P1P2P2/2Q3PP/RB2K2Rb KQ - 0 0 by raylopez99
Kotov-Keres, Budapest 1950 Black is NOT ok though a computer would never make the move that you might think is necessary. Find the best move for white: r2q1rk1/p1p2p2/bp2p1np/n2pP1p1/2PP1N1B/P1P2P2/2Q3PP/RB2K2R b KQ - 0 0
July 3rd 10 11:31 PM
by raylopez99 Go to last post
0 458
Lopez v. GM James Plaskett (my most famous game): [FEN"r3kbnr/1bqp1ppp/p3p3/1p6/2nNPP2/2N1BB2/PPP1Q1PP/2KR3R b kq - 0 0"] by raylopez99
From James Plaskett's flawed but interesting book comes this position, against a fellow surnamed kinsman of mine. I am taking the full 10 points even though Plaskett only discusses the main line below, which is not the best line of play, as I saw. But I got the two key moves, the first two moves. RL
July 2nd 10 10:53 AM
by raylopez99 Go to last post
2 483
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