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Chess Variant "Super Tweak"

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Old July 10th 03, 07:29 AM
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Default Chess Variant "Super Tweak"

Has anyone else heard of this variant? I've found it to be at least
as complex and exciting as Chess, though in the latter I'm a rank
beginner. The variant as I know it is called "Super Tweak" and is
similar to Chess in only in the sense that it can be played on a Chess
board and with most Chess sets (there is one aditional piece that is
typically represented by an upside-down rook) and the victory
condition involves what in Chess would be the King. However the board
is set up differently and on the whole none of the pieces behave in
the same way and their is an alternate, capture-the-flag style victory
condition. The rules are as follows:

The Pawns are called "Tweaks" and can move one square in any
direction. Tweaks capture by jumping over enemy units. A Tweak can
jump over any number of enemy units in a single turn. Tweaks can also
jump over any number of friendly units (without capturing them) in a
turn, however a Tweak CAN NOT jump over both friendly and enemy units
in a single turn. White Tweaks begin the game in squares 2c-f and
3c-f, While black Tweaks begin the game in squares 7c-f and 6c-f.

The Bishops are called "Super Tweaks" and move and capture exactly
like Tweaks with one important distinction. Super Tweaks can jump
both friendly and enemy units in a single turn. White Super Tweaks
begin the game in squares 2b and 2e. Black Super Tweaks begin the
game in squares 7b and 7e.

The Knights are called "Coordinators" and move exactly like tweaks
however they do not capture enemy units that they jump over. Whenever
a Coordinator is moved, it and its fellow Coordinator form two corners
of a square, enemy units in the other two corners are captured. If
you control only one Coordinator, it can not capture units. For
example, after being moved, Coordinators Q and Z are in squares (A,X)
and (B,Y) (note that A and B are variables in this case). Enemy
units in squares (A,Y) and (B,X) are captured. Coordinators begin the
game in the same squares that Knights normallybegin the game in.

The Rook that is oriented right-side up is called the "Tank." Tanks
cannot capture units and they cannot jump. The can move one square in
any direction and can push lines of units unless the line terminates
at the end of the board. The white Tank begins the game in the square
1h while the black Tank begins the game in the square 8a.

The Queen is the "Bomb" and moves like a Tank but cannot push units.
In a single move the Bomb can be moved or detonated or moved AND
detonated. At the end of a move in which the Bomb is captured, it
detonates. When the Bomb is detonated ALL units within two squares of
the bomb (including diagonals) are captured. The Bomb begins the game
in the same square as the Queen normally does.

The King is the "Sticky" and moves and captures units exactly like
Tweaks. Enemy units that begin a turn in squares adjacent to the
Sticky can not move. If the your Sticky becomes captured, you lose
the game. The Sticky begins the game in the same square as the King
normally does.

Finally, the upside-down Rook is called the "Impersonator" and it is
whatever the last piece that was moved is. You do not lose the game
as a result of an Impersonator being a Sticky being captured. If an
Impersonator is a Coordinator and is moved to square (A,X) and you
still have both of your "authentic" Coordinators in squares (B,Y) and
(C,Z) respectively, enemy units in squares (A,Y), (A,Z), (B,X), (B,Z),
(C,X) and (C,Y) are all captured. An Impersonator cannot be moved if
no piece has been moved before it. White and black Impersonators
begin play in squares 1A and 8H respectively.

The alternate win condition is, at the end of a turn after the Bomb
has detonated (if applicable) to have any one of your pieces in the
square in which the enemy Sticky started in. 8e for white and 1e for
Old July 11th 03, 03:37 AM
Bill Smythe
external usenet poster
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Default Chess Variant "Super Tweak"

The game you describe is remarkably similar (though far from identical) to a
variant called Ultimum.

Bill Smythe


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