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Default Shredder 8 and Deep Fritz 8


I'll do it.

Deep Fritz 8 engine on engines folder of Shredder 8.

"Euc1id" wrote in

I presume that they are probably essentially the same "program" (GUI,
Graphic User Interface), just different engines. If so then the
following should be true - although I don't have the Deep Fritz 8 GUI
to test, just the Shredder 8 GUI.

Either GUI will run all CB (Chessbase) engines, so it doesn't matter
which one you install for your future operational use.

However if you don't have their engines already, you will have to
install each one to get them. Save a copy of the engines. Then install
whichever GUI you prefer for your future operational use. Then copy
the engines into the engines folder.

Since Shredder 8 is the latest GUI from CB, I would be inclined to
install that one for the final setup. But it shouldn't matter.

I don't know about 3D possibilities - never use it.