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Default REQ Allround Freeware Chess Program

"MightyKitten" wrote in

I already did, but to me it seems most chess software is created have
an as high Elo level as possible.

Though I can imagine this suits people who frequently roam this
newsgroup, it will scare the average once in a while uses, as the will
almost have no chance at beating the PC. For most people, a game is
at its best if you can just win or if you just loose. Human and
computer opponent should roughly equal each others strength.

Thoug I'm quite impressed with today's chess software's capabilities
to out calculate almost all human strategies, I would never touch such
a program as I am convinced it will Checkmate me at the first turn

Additional: Der Bringer is small, has a nice yet simple interface, and can
be dumbed down.


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