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Default Two Fantastic New Chess Newsgroups

Ari Makela wrote in message .. .
In article , David Richerby wrote:
Gammon Double wrote:
Two fantastic new chess newsgroups that are moderated to ensure that
they remain spam, sales, and harassment free so that the focus can be on
chess related issues. Please join us at the following:

Chess Database Discussion:

Spam free? Well, there might not be any spam on the groups but I'm sick
and tired of whoever it is who keeps spamming my E-mail account with
offers to join this group. I've had about half a dozen `invites' so

Chess XML mailing list was also spammed with this notice.

Chess XML mailing ? What is that?

Interesting messages.
I was about to register to the Discussion
but realized that I do not have a yahoo account.
I am too lazy to make a new mail account.