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Default Tiger/Genius on Palm: Positions per second

Richard skrev:
I've got both Chess Tiger 15.1 and Genius 2.01 on a crappy Palm Zire
(16Mhz). I've noticed that during analysis Chess Tiger calculates
significantly fewer positions per second than Genius. For example,
Tiger rarely gets about 200p/s, while Genius calculates 1000p/s on the
same position.

I've only got a basic Zire, so there's no ARM processor take advantage
of Genius' native ARM engine.

I could understand a smaller different in pos/sec, but this seems to
suggest Tiger is much weaker than Genius on the Palm. Or does Tiger do
more positional evaluation for each analysed position?

So, is Tiger really weaker? Or less "brute force"?

The very last part probably applies best.