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Steve Grant
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Default OT - deleting Registry files

"Hal Tynan" wrote in message
Hi folks,

A spyware program (one of those freebies) identified a couple of spyware
files in my Registry (MS Me). How do I delete these files from the
Registry? I can't locate them from MS Explorer. The spyware program
would do it, but you have to pay for their full version first.
Or does anyone know of a free spyware program that will identify AND
delete any files they find?

Any help from the fine folks at is grealty
appreciated. Thanks, Hal

Your terminology is a little garbled. The registry doesn't contain "files";
it contains *entries*. You can delete (or add, or modify) them with
REGEDIT.EXE, which is part of Windows.

WARNING! This is NOT for the faint of heart!! Mess up your registry and
you will be very, very sorry.