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Derek Wildstar
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Default Fritz 8 at Compusa

"Blackbeard's Ghost" wrote in message

I just did some quick investigating, considering this is an unsual item

be had retail.

what about doing some quick investigating about X3d Fritz's SMP

as well?

after all you expect us to believe your "quick investiagtions" but you
refuse to believe everyone else's investigations!

quite strange!

Are you being contrary? Very well. What is your specific question?

If you are still of the mind that X3D Fritz is not SMP capable, I'm still of
the mind to disagree with you. Fritz 8 is not SMP capable, But Deep Fritz
7+8 is. Is this product the OP is asking about Deep Fritz, no it is not.
Therefore it is likely not SMP capable.

Is the product the OP asked about X3D Fritz? No it is not. Is X3D Fritz,
Fritz 8? No, it is not. Anything else?

I am a glacier of patience.