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Don Corleone
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Default Shredder 8 Edition 2004

Same thing, different publisher...

In fact there's plenty of games released by various software companies...
for example Chess Tiger.

"egis" wrote in message
hi hi

Does anybody know about Shredder 8 E'04?

i found:

It will be released on 3 of March.

The price 27.49 ? vs 49.99 ? previous version


Official publisher: Koch Media Deutschland GmbH

As it has also one year subscription to, I will try it

Chessbase introduced Shredder 8 by Steve Lopez yesterday (16 Feb.) ( ),
and I was amused by the wood 3D board. But no word about Edition 2004.

Is a problem to use Shredder 8 3d board with Fritz's engines? I own Fritz
8, but my playchess license going to end
I hope yes

Could someone say / add something what whould change / strengthen my