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Will McGugan
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"Death Eater Dan" wrote in message
Are there any sources available online that discuss the mathematics of
calculating every possible chess board position and linking the positions
with every possible move. Obviously the number is far beyond what

are capable today, but I am interested in some exact numbers to predict

much longer we will have to wait to see a computer play a 'perfect' game


After much time and work, I believe I have calculated the exact number of
possible board positions. Has anyone else calculated such a number?

I'd be impressed if you did! Sure you could calculate the number of possible
piece positions with basic arithmetic but that wouldn't be the whole answer.
You would have to throw out positions where the king is in check, and other
impossible positions. You'd also need to account for the 50 move rule, and 3
move repetition - boards with identical arangement of pieces are not
neccesary identical positions (eg has the rook or king moved).

But you did say after much time and work, so perhaps you have done it! Whats
the answer? Please show your working


Will McGugan