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Michael Loggel
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Default Announcement: Compile Crafty 19.11 with GCC under Windows


I am happy to announce an updated description incl. makefile for compiling
Crafty Chess Engine (versions 19.11, 19.9, 19.8, 19.7, 19.6, 19.2) with gcc
under Windows.

The description is written in a way such that EVERYONE can understand and
compile it, because no knowledge or experience whatsoever in compiling C-
code is required! All you need to be able to do is to double-click a .bat
file in the Windows Explorer.

The used freeware C-compiler is DevC++ (very stable beta 5), using
gcc/g++ 3.2 based on "mingw special 20020817-1" (only about 50 MB of disk
space required for installation).

The link is:



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