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Default Warez Shredder 8

Don Corleone skrev:
As far as I know, Shredder bug is fixed...

Do search for Shredder 8 *Crackfix* (c) Chessbase (dev-s8cf.rar) by

I'm sure you're adressing the "2 ply after move 25"-bug in THEIR
Shredder version, as we've read about in this ng, and not the "errors"
that occasionally appear in lines of analysis??!

Anyway, the program is worth the relative small prize Chessbase takes -
and so are most of their programs - especially if you're a serious user
of chess programs and/or and serious chessplayer. Ok, that's just my


"Liam Too" wrote in message

"Gunny Bunny" wrote in message


I am willing to trade for the Shredder 8 chess engine, email me:

Bad idea, they need to fix the Shredder 8 bugs first then trade for it.

Lance Smith