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Jonathan Beckett
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Default Hooking Up UCI Engine Under ChessPartner - Help Request !!!!

On Mon, 29 Mar 2004 09:35:13 -0500, "Gunny Bunny"

I am trying to hookup Shredder 8 under ChessPartner, but I am unable.

Would you please provide the commands and script to make it run under CP on

I created a subfolder under Engines and placed the Shredder8 files in it:


I cannot figure out what commands are need from here to make Shredder 8 work
under CP ?!

The Help file does not seem accurate !

Thank you

Okay, firstly, you've probably broken Shredder by just putting the
files in a given directory (unless you installed it there). I don't
have Shredder though, so there is a chance you might be okay.

You need to import the engine in ChessPartner. In the Extra menu,
there is an "Import Engine Wizard".