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Default More ChessPartner Questions

Just what FICS needs, another user with a computer..

Why don't you play yourself? Instead of pretending it is you and using

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"Gunny Bunny" wrote in message
. ..

I am using the Shredder8 UCI engine under ChessPartner 5.3 on FICS chess
I have WindowsXP Professional and an Athlon 2600+ CPU. My questions a

1) How do I configure the Auto-Seeks that are being sent out by CP, when

onto FICS and at the end of each game;

2) How do I stop the Engine from sending out Whispers of Analysis during
to the opponent;

3) The Engine continues to run after the game is ended, I know this
because my
CPU stays at 100% Usage on the Task Manager, however; no move analysis is
appearing in the Analysis Window;

4) How do I make CP save my Login Name and Password for FICS ?; and

5) The Auto-Flag is not working, can u tell me how to set it under CP.

Thank you in advance for you cooperation in these matters.