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Jonathan Beckett
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Default More ChessPartner Questions

On Mon, 29 Mar 2004 16:18:25 -0500, "Gunny Bunny"


I am using the Shredder8 UCI engine under ChessPartner 5.3 on FICS chess
I have WindowsXP Professional and an Athlon 2600+ CPU. My questions a

1) How do I configure the Auto-Seeks that are being sent out by CP, when I
onto FICS and at the end of each game;

2) How do I stop the Engine from sending out Whispers of Analysis during
to the opponent;

3) The Engine continues to run after the game is ended, I know this
because my
CPU stays at 100% Usage on the Task Manager, however; no move analysis is
appearing in the Analysis Window;

4) How do I make CP save my Login Name and Password for FICS ?; and

5) The Auto-Flag is not working, can u tell me how to set it under CP.

Thank you in advance for you cooperation in these matters.

What we really need is some computers on FICS playing as lower level
"personalities" - so people who are not so good at chess (such as
myself) can go thrash somebody now and again to get a bit of
confidence back

Jon Beckett