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Juha Kettunen
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Default Using stonewall against computers.


I saw somebody winning easily against computers using stonewall
(pawns a3,b2,c3,d4,e3,f4,g3,h2) , and he easily beat even strong computers
(2500, 2600 Shredder 8 and so on)! It was interesting, so I tried it myself,
and was basically able to do it as well! My rating is about 1600, so ...

For example I beat Shredder 8 (by time)(I own one) in 5-0 match, and many
other as well.

Are computers still that "simple" that they dont understand this "trick"
against humans? Is there a way to teach them to prevent this kind of play?
Definetely it is not easy task to program, becouse of the limit they see
ahead. It seems to me that most of the , even best, programs are not able to
do anything against it (so even I can beat them using this method, which is
kind of funny ...).