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Default How to compile Crafty (Win32)

The makefile has changed in the Crafty's recent version.
Can someone please post the instruction to compile Crafty in MS Visual
C++ 6 ?

I have no problem of compiling the Crafty v19.10 but not the version
19.11 and 19.12. The instruction (as below) posted by Simon is no longer
working :-

Well if you have nmake and Visual C++ it is pretty easy.

extract all the files to a directory from the archive.

Choose open workspace from the file menu, navigate to where you stored the
crafty files and open the makefile.nt

It will mention something about a wrapper project, just click 'yes'

Select Project/Settings then the General tab, and change the build command

nmake /f makefile.nt

Select build all from the 'build' menu, and you should get an .exe file.

You can modify some of the parameters in the makefile to optimize a little,
but this should get you started.

(I've just done it today, and it does work..)




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