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Default Help !! font problem in CB8

I have the same problem on my deskstop and my Notebook with XP, but I am not
sure that is a Fonts problem, I think is a XP problem, I have tryed to
change "International parameters" ketboard configuration with no success
This "ctrl + D" was fine
Perhaps, we can send a mail to Chessbase Team hoping an answer

"Gilles Garrigues" a écrit dans le message
de ...
I use ChessBase 8 under Win98 without any problem. I just bought a new
computer running under WinXP and installed CB8 with all the fonts ...

But I am having the following problem : if now I want to insert a
diagram in the notation (text after move/ctrl + D) the familiar "knight
in a square" icon does not appear ; instead I have in the comment window
a "z" with a small "v" on top (z ; looks like a letter from Central
Europe). This is most annoying since this weird diagram symbol is
invisible in the notation once the window is closed.

Can someone help me recover the reassuring "knight in a square" symbol ?


Gilles Garrigues

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