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Mike Leahy
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Default using Bookup to monitor new opening developments

"Douglas L Stewart" wrote in message
I own Bookup Professional. I've read through the Bookup website a number

times and I've been through some of the online help, and I'm still not

following how to monitor developments in my opening repertoire. Right now

just use Bookup to key in my opening reptertoire - using the training
feature occasionally.

Here's what I tried:

* I grabbed a copy of TWIC as a PGN
* I created a book called Douglas Black Novelties and I imported in the

PGN - letting it mark novelties as yellow

Okay, so now the novelties are all marked yellow. Now the questions that
beg to be asked:

* How do I mark in my book that I'm not interested in novelties in various
lines? For instance, let's say I play 1. d4 Nf6 and I want to ignore 1 ..
d5. The best idea I've come up with is to add moves I'm not interested in
as some other color, and import to yet another book after importing the
TWIC, filtering out on the other color.

Yes, you'll want to mark moves that you're not interested in with some other
color or just delete them. Of course, if you delete them then those moves
may be added back when you import future games so I like your idea of
leaving them in there already marked in your "not interested" color.

If you have the "power tools" edition of Bookup 2000 Professional then you
can clear an ebook of the color codes you pick. This allows you to navigate
the tree and change the color of the novelty-colored moves to mark them as
moves you're "not interested" in. Then have Bookup automatically clear the
entire ebook of the novelty color, meaning that you've seen these moves and
they are no longer novelties.

This approach is *exactly* what I had in mind when I added color coding BTW.

* How do I work my way through all the yellow novelties without having to
just click randomly though the book to find them?

That can't be done automatically. But it should be! I'll add it to my list
to have a button that navigates to the next novelty in the tree to make this

Mike Leahy
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