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Default Chess program testing


I have written a very small chess program in Visual Basic (using Excel
as interface). It's only a couple of hundred lines of VB code. Don't
start laughing now, this was only to get aquainted with the most
important principles of chess programming (data structures,
evaluation, tree search and move generation). This Excel program
actually plays decent chess, using alpha-beta pruning and iterative
deepening, that's it (no quiscence search, no hash tables, no opening
books, a very simple evaluation function and vector representation of
the chess board). It's rating is probably somewhere around 1000 or so
(due to the computation speed and other VB limitations I can't go
deeper than 5 plies without crashing :-(

Now I want to start using Visual C++ (I'm new to C, C++, but not to
programming), and my quesiotn is: as soon as this program starts
playing chess I would like to test it against other human players, is
there a possibility to do that, how?

Another related question: any idea of the relation between rating and
depth of search? In other words: if a program has strength X, how much
will this improve by searching one ply deeper?

Thanks (please post, I don't read my e-mail).