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I.J Jordan
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Hi All

Hope this is the correct group,but it is to do with computer chess.
I recently change from a Windows machine to a "Mac",and as everyone is aware
there are not many chess programmes for that platform,so I decided to give
"Crafty" a try

So to that end I installed X11,downloaded and installed both "fink" and "fink
commander".and then downloaded and installed both Crafty and eboard.

Both programmes run fine by themselves ie. Crafty will play a game in its
terminal(?),and I can play around with eboard but when I select "play a game
against crafty" or words to that effect it does nothing in that the pieces
will not move for example,and I can change the pieces and the board colours
so presumably that is workig fine.

I feel there must be a clue in Xboard in that when I started that it
complianed that it could not find crafty

Everything gets put where ever the default settings of Fink put them

So am I missing something simple? but I cannot work out what I must do to get
them to work together.

Any thoughts appreciated

I.J Jordan

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