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Default Sam Sloan's 500 Words Candidate's Statement (This is final.)

"Sam Sloan" wrote in message
The USCF was founded in 1939. For 60 long years, the federation
struggled, often on the brink of collapse. Finally, the USCF reached
its peak in 1999. It had $6.5 million in sales, 90,000 members and a
reserve of $2 million.

At that point, federation insiders decided that their long wait had
ended and now was the time to put their hot hands directly on the
money. They changed the name from Policy Board to Executive Board and
stopped confining themselves to policy decisions. They started to
manage the day-to-day affairs of the corporation. On a flimsy pretext,
they fired the professional manager who had been running the company
and replaced him with their flunky.

The result? Sales dropped like a stone. Services were drastically cut.
Adult members fled. By year end 2002, sales had dropped from $ 6.5
million to $.4.5 million. More than one million dollars had been lost.

A new group came in, determined to reinvigorate the books and
equipment business, which accounted for a majority of the sales. B&E
sales increased from $1.8 million to $2.8 million in just one year.
The USCF was on the road to financial recovery.

That is until a new group was elected in August 2003, led by a former
employee. In their first day in office, 17 staff members were ordered
to be fired. The new plan was to "1. Get Rid of the Books & Equipment
Business" which was the very business which had brought most of the
revenues and profits. Services were cut or reduced. The explanation
offered by the new president was: "We need to drive away the people
who has been milking the USCF for many years."

Drive away which people? Milking the USCF of what money? For which
years? The new president writes: "Since August our Board has been
demonstrating a hands-on approach."

This is the problem, not the solution. Our LMA Bank Account, which in
1999 held more than one million dollars in cash and equivalent, is now
down to ten dollars!!!

The solution: The Executive Board, which consists of volunteers who
have never run a business, needs to stop trying to run a corporation
which they have no capability or competence to run. We need to return
the management of the USCF to serious business people who know how to
run a business. We need an Executive Director understands both chess
issues and business issues.

I hope the voters in this election will take the trouble to look at
the numbers, including the financial statements at
The board obviously did not look at these numbers because, if they
had, they could not possibly have made the horrible decisions they
made. Instead, without looking, reading, thinking, or asking, the
board voted to give away the books and equipment business as part of a
plan to "drive away" the people they claimed had been "milking" the
federation for years.

Sorry to bring you the bad news.

To use a phrase from YOUR book: "Everybody knows" what's already happened.
What are YOU going to do to change it? What do YOU bring to the table,
other than going to a bunch of meetings? Why should anybody vote for YOU?
What do you say to those people who know about you only from what you've
published on your website Why should they elect a person
like YOU to the USCF's EB?