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Default Who is the biggest jerk GM

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If we are lucky, maybe GM Rohde himself can explain his actions and set the
record straight."

"Biggest jerks among world class chess players:

Rohde--one of those disreputable New York GMs who has cheated people with
various get-rich-quick internet schemes. He certainly doesn't have the
ability to earn many $$ through actual tournament play. His promise is worth
less than nothing. His Chess Life column sucks..."



Tha was 7 years ago. Rohde has changed a lot since then. If you were
sleep deprived the previuos night, wouldn't you be on the edge too?

How's broadcasting life in Bedford? Do you still commute to Boston

You probably are just thinking of the wrong GM. There are 3 different
GM's with that name, GM Rhode, GM Road, GM Rohde. You will find
players use all three sobriques for the same guy even. :-)