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Default Needless Chess Life Expense

"Tim Hanke" wrote in message . net...
"ComputerlessBrother" wrote ...
Why did we have the needless expense of 3 issues of Chess Life with
candidate statements?

It was only two issues, not three.

George John's post [after yours] states 1 free issue & 2 paid issues.

The six candidates paid USCF a total of $1,500 for the pages, which was
clear profit because USCF was going to print the pages anyway.

This was the first-ever open election: how were the voters going to know
anything about the candidates if their statements *weren't* published in the
magazine? The alternative seems to be forcing the candidates to rely on
personal spending to conduct direct-mail campaigns, which makes it into a
pure contest of pocketbooks.

Tim Hanke

I wasn't objecting to having the statements in Chess Life. I was
objecting to the possibilty that they were ALL FREE! As you have
pointed out these were statements paid for by the candidates. This
was not mentioned in Chess Life with the statments.

I see no objection to paid statements by the candidates being in Chess
Life, as all the candidates were able to print statements. This was
fair and equitable for all concerned.

Lawrence Cohen