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John Swartz
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Default Kasparov vs Ponomariov match from Sept. 19

Briarroot wrote:

Gunny Bunny wrote:

Kasparov vs Ponomariov match from Sept. 19

The winner will be FIDE World champion and would play the winner of the
match between World classical champion Vladimir Kramnik and Peter Leko. The
winner of the re-unified champion will be the absolute world champion and
that was originally scheduled for November 2003 but it is running behind

Here's hoping this results in a Kramnik-Kasparov rematch, and
we can end all this nonsense of having 'two' world champions.

Would be nice. Wonder what happens if both Ponomariov and Leko win, and
then the reunification match doesn't happen - will we have FOUR world
champions? ;-)