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Don Mihokovich
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Default Peter Leko back from the dead to play Chess960!

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Peter Leko back from the dead to play Chess960!

"On August 14 the Chess960 shuffle chess section of the Chess Classic
begins. It is called "Chess960" because before each game one of the
960 possible starting positions is drawn by lots. Last year saw 131
participants, with Peter Svidler scoring 9:2 points to take first
place. This year he will play a shuffle chess match against Peter
Leko, who is also very experienced in this form of chess. In 2001 he
defeated Michael Adams 4.5:2.5 in a Chess960 match in Mainz.
Hans-Walter Schmitt will use the occasion to found a World Chess960
Federation in Mainz.

Shuffle chess, aka random or Fischerandom, shuffles all the pieces
randomly before each game with the pawns in their usual places. In
1996 Bobby Fischer revitalized interest in this old variant when he
appeared in Buenos Aires to promote his version of it, and to say it
should replace normal chess."

Wouldn't at least some of the 960 possible positions give an
unbalanced advantage to White?