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Altes Wiesel
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Default The Reds Lie Again -- And Again

"JimEade" wrote in message
From: "Altes Weisel"


I don't know who the Weisel is, but I do know who the Weasel was. There

only two choices. We've been lied to year after year after year. Or,

has been massive incompetence year after year after year.

Which is easier to believe -- that people consistently act massively
incompetently, or that people consistently lie? One would think that random
chance would make the latter more likely.

My council is to not attribute to malice what incompetence may more easily
explain. Maybe, it's been both, but we're passed the point of caring. We

on death's door.

Let's focus. How do we become competent?

The same way we would make progress if you believed they were liars. Get
rid of them.

James Eade
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