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James B. Shearer
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Default The Reds Lie Again -- And Again

heesh (JimEade) wrote in message ...


Let's focus. How do we become competent?

You don't, you realize that the USCF is likely to remain
incompetent and plan according. You set dues and fees according to
what it costs the USCF to provide the service not some hypothetical
competent organization. You avoid competitive areas like B&E where
the USCF does not have monopoly pricing power. You stop pretending
some magic bullet like moving the office or upgrading the computers
will solve all the USCF's problems. You don't expect miracles from
the ED but you do expect the ED to be on top of what's going on in the
office. Pick a details oriented beancounter type as ED and have him
spend most of his time managing the office, making sure the accounting
is correct, the bills go out on time, Chess Life makes its publication
schedule etc.
James B. Shearer