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Default A Serious Problem with MonRoi and the US Championship

On Apr 10, 8:42 am, "samsloan" wrote:
Joe Lux has uncovered a serious problem with Monroi. If he did not
discover it, he is the first to report it.

It seems that two newspapers have refused to publish game scores that
first appeared on the Monroi website, because MonRoi is claiming a
copyright on the games.

It is well established that scores of a chess game cannot be
copyrighted. However, the USCF is in no position to go to court and
fight a courtcase over this.

I believe it is well-established that *unannotated* games cannot be

MonRoi is listed as a co-sponsor of the US Championship. The current
rules REQUIRE the use of MonRoi at the US Championship.

However, we expect the games of the US Championship to have widspread
media publicity. If MonRoi asserts a copyright claim, even an invalid
claim, that will slow down or hault the publicity we expect to gain
from the US Championship.


I see no choice in the matter: We must tell MonRoi to stop asserting
any claim to copyright of any scores of chess games. Failing that, we
must BAN the use of MonRoi in any chess tournament, including the US
Chess Championship.

It's a non-issue Sam. If the games are unannotated, then they have no
claim. Period. Your dialog of 'must tell MonRoi..' and 'BAN the use of
MonRoi...' is far too aggressive in nature and lacks any useful

This is a big part of your 'Bull In the China Shop', Table-Pounding

You should seek a reasonable compromise first.

Have you spoken to MonRoi? You represent the USCF, Don't you? I think
you should take up the banner and get into a useful dialog with

We wait to hear your progress in this matter. Thanks again Sam for
taking this issue on. The entire USCF membership is counting on you.