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Default Please Help Guy Macon with his Tablebase Size Estimates

On Sat, 23 Jun 2007 16:52:24 +0000, Engineer

Tony M wrote:

Guy Macon wrote:

(Note 1: As of this writing, nobody has bothered making tablesbases
for positions where a single king faces five pieces. It's hard to
imagine a non-stalemated 5 vs. 1 position where a computer can't
find a quick win without consulting a tablebase.)

5 vs. 1 tablebases have been created, but not in Nalimov format.
Unfortunately, the code provided by Nalimov cannot as yet handle 5 vs
1 tablebases. You may want to check the CCRL tablebase forum for more

Interesting! I will dig deeper later today.

Do you by any chance know the size (in any format) with and without
the 5 vs. 1 tablebases? lists the sizes of
each individual tablebase file in Nalimov format. I'm not sure about
the sizes in Chessmaster FEG format.