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Default Brian P. Lafferty lacks honesty according to Steve Owens

And, of course, our fine legal mind chooses to ignore the fact that
Mr. Terrie provided plenty of basis for his opinion... That fine legal
mind stated this:

Brian Lafferty wrote:
Without a stated, factual basis the opinion is just a personal

And that fine legal mind tossed out the below basis:

Hal Terrie wrote:
tanstaafl wrote:
I think Brian Lafferty needs to demonstrate that he can FOLLOW rules
before we accept him as a volunteer ENFORCING the rules, but that's
just my opinion. YMMV

My opinion as well. The old expression about letting the fox into the
henhouse comes to mind ...

-- Hal Terrie

Hal Terrie wrote:

In my opinion, Mr. Lafferty lacks even the slightest trustworthiness.
I believe the evidence shows that he came into this forum with a chip
on his shoulder, determined to make trouble from the very first day.
He whined and complained - and then threatened - until Bill Hall and
Bill Goichberg folded up like cheap suits. Now we have a massive
moderation bureaucracy but no guarantee that our esteemed USCF
Officers won't change the rules again at the slightest hint of

-- Hal Terrie

Steve Owens