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Default FICS admin/exadmin strikes again

FICS finally has done it! Now they have banned me for complaining to the
53 channel about an abuser whom I believe to be an admin, or ex-admin,
gone crazy! I suppose this crumb could be a hacker who has infiltrated
the network, but probably more likely to be an admin who has a vicious
streak, and enjoys antagonizing his opponents. He can protect himself
from all outside connections, and overcome the 'flag' function; thus
making the game continue ad infinitum.

I have played this individual many times, and he is probably a little
below average in strength. When facing a losing position, he will start
asking for moves to be taken back, offering draws, requesting aborts,
and if all these are refused, will say he is going to shop on the net,
and you should enjoy the wait. He has since learned how to keep the flag
from falling, so you have no choice but to disconnect, and start another
I complained on channel 53, and got banned, although I did not use
abusive language. Could he have this power?

If anyone else has experienced these actions, please tell us about your
circumstances. Maybe FICS will be forced into looking in to it. Although
I doubt it. In the meantime, I'll be looking for a free place to play
some chess. I don't play a lot, just a few games per week, but I like
strong competition, and gracious opponents.

When ICC stopped guests from playing, I extolled the virtues of FICS,
but now I understand why they did that. Far too many jerks whose egos
cannot bear defeat, and have to 'get even' by antagonizing their opponents.