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Default Great Posting by Steve of Tennessee

By sdo1 on Sun Dec 21, 2008 6:02 am #120884

Over the course of my life I have been able to observe small not for
profit, charitable organizations up close and personal. The men on
both sides of my family, for a long time, chose either the military or
the ministry (many times both) as their life calling. I personally
have been part of four church building programs close to the scale of
the USCF's in value. My dad built two.

The one constant among the successful programs was an unyielding drive
to PAY OFF the mortgage as quickly as possible. The one constant among
those who lost their property was an inclination to use gifts to
support programs of the moment. I dare say that these experiences will
hold true under a larger examination.

Citing figures up thread, the mortgage is about $410,000 outstanding
with about $4100 monthly (or $50,000 annually) in payments. The
bequest is $350,000 which would leave about $75,000 left. Why not
initiate a fund raising drive to get out from under the note by year's
end 2009? If we can raise thousands of dollars for a legal defense
fund, then we can raise $75,000 to get clear of the bank note. That
extra $50,000 on the operating budget would go a long way toward
insuring a viable USCF.

Fund raising aimed at erasing the mortgage would do a lot more good
with much more tangible results than the defense fund. As others have
noted, it is a politically neutral endeavor that will benefit the USCF
and ensure that we have our building no matter what political
nightmare the voters thrust upon us.

For the politicians among us, supporting such a drive as part of your
EB campaign is an almost sure winner, too..

Steve Owens