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Default Sick of players who INSIST on playing *BOOK* openings

I agree. So many players spend an incredible amount of time drilling
openings into their head. But then when the game gets out of book and
they actually have to start thinking, they often crumble. While a
general knowledge of opening theory is invaluable, originality and
creativity can sometimes suffer when playing by rote. That's why
computers will never totally conquer humans players. It's the
capabilty of humans to think "outside the box" that gives us the edge.
But then, I'm a fan of the artistry of chess, not as much the
scientific and mathematical aspect of the game.

I hate speed chess, blitz, lightning or whatever they call it. It's
akin to doing a paint-by-number as opposed to the Sistine Chapel.

(Scott) wrote in message om...
I have found a lot of players (at least online) - only play book
openings from memory - and when things deviate drastically from what
they are used to (especially in a 5-min game) - they can be easily
defeated. As a test I have gone on to various chess playing sites and
opened my game with 1. e4 * 2. ke2 * 3. ke3 * etc. and won the games
90% of the time. After my silly moves they tend to overextend and I
then play in a more traditional and aggressive fashion.