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Joshua B. Lilly
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Default Sick of players who INSIST on playing *BOOK* openings

You memorise the openings, then you become familiar with them (beyond rote
memorisation), then you grow capable of handling deviations "out of book"
because your foundation and general positional familiarity is so strong. If
you try that stuff with someone truly familiar with the opening being played
(built on the foundation of initially beginning with memorising the
opening), you will get inferior or losing positions.

"Scott" wrote in message
I have found a lot of players (at least online) - only play book
openings from memory - and when things deviate drastically from what
they are used to (especially in a 5-min game) - they can be easily
defeated. As a test I have gone on to various chess playing sites and
opened my game with 1. e4 * 2. ke2 * 3. ke3 * etc. and won the games
90% of the time. After my silly moves they tend to overextend and I
then play in a more traditional and aggressive fashion.