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Dan Yobry
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Default Sick of players who INSIST on playing *BOOK* openings

1) Don't computers already conquer at chess??? They can beat almost anyone
except the best of the best... however, those days are few. I know I get my
ass handed to me by my lowly Palm Pilot Chess Tiger program.

2) I hate blitz, too. I've tried to like it, but I just can't. I don't get
excited about a bltiz game like I do an OTB one. When you make a serious
blunder in blitz, the thought is basically "well ****." When you blunder
OTB, it gets in your head and eats at you for a couple of days. You feel
like a dumb-ass and it affects the next few games. It's great!


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"MinnesotaKid" wrote:
That's why computers will never totally conquer humans players.

I hate speed chess, blitz, lightning or whatever they call it. It's
akin to doing a paint-by-number as opposed to the Sistine Chapel.