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Default FritZ 11 How to stop Computer from playing oon New Game

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On Jul 2, 12:04 am, "Locksley Young" wrote:
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On Jul 1, 2:12 pm, "Locksley Young" wrote:

Every time a click on New Game after plying through a game, the Computer
promptly makes the first move. How can i stop that behavior?


Click on engine-switch off. Then click on file-new-position setup-
reset- side to move: white.

Always make sure engine is off so you can move the ppieces at will.
There may be other ways to do what you want but that's the way I do it.

Thanks for your response.. but when I am reviewing games I like to leave
"Infinite Analysis" turned on.
I think I uesd to do this before... but I cannot remember how. I think
is a menu where you can decide on the behavior when you finish a game and
starting a new one... but I cannot find it. I wonder if this has something
to do with the game level that is set.??


|Now that's a different question that you didn't ask. Just click on the
|microscope on the tool bar. You've got to play with all the functions
|to really get to know them.

I know how to use Infinite Analysis!! I meant that because I use Infinite
Analysis I need the engine on. I do not want to turn the engine off.