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Default Where to get IPPOLIT the Rybka killer?

DragonRU wrote:
On Oct 26, 4:21 am, DragonRU wrote:

However, even quick look is enough to find out that it is not
disassembled code.

No time to go through your whole other message. Got too many other
things on my mind right now.

I just want to point out I never said it was disassembled code.

I used terms like cloned & reverse engineered.

Nothing was said or implied about it being byte for byte identical

Just take the original, analyze what each section does (& why) and write
comparable code.

You get the same functionality but with different code.

Consider, just as an example, a bitboard program that used rotated
bitboards. Change that to magic bitboards and the code would look very
differently even if the rest of the algorithms are the same. (I'm not
saying ippolit does that. Just that is part of cloning & reverse
engineering a program.)

Small correction. I did check Robbolito (next version of IPPOLIT)
code, rather than IPPOLIT itself. I not sure if it even matters, but I
heard that their code is quite different.

Doesn't matter at all. Once a cloner always a cloner.

And if you've already examined & reverse engineered a program and
learned its secrets, it doesn't matter if you later write 'your own'
because you'll still be using what you learned from the clone in writing
your own.

Just because you write the C code (or whatever language suits your
fancy) doesn't mean it's not going to be heavily influenced by the
previous cloning process.