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Default I am reprinting "The Tactical Grob" by Claude Bloodgood

On Dec 18, 5:23*pm, samsloan wrote:

There are many books written by very weak chess players that
nevertheless are good books.

Sure. For example, Edward Winter is probably not much of chess
player, but he's a good chess historian. However, that's completely
beside the point at issue. Name one good opening manual written by a
very weak player.

In any event, you've already admitted that Bloodgood's book on the
Grob is bad, so your whole bad-players-can-write-good-books argument
is dead on arrival.

For example, when I knew him, Claude Bloodgood was about your

That does not stop you from writing about chess.

False comparison, Sam. I do not write opening manuals. I'd never
even presume to try. My chess writing has consisted mainly of book
reviews, historical articles, and tournament reports.
A weak player writing an opening manual is like a blind man trying
to paint.