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Default I am reprinting "The Tactical Grob" by Claude Bloodgood

On Dec 19, 7:58*am, ChessFire wrote:
On Dec 16, 1:40*pm, sd wrote:

Why reprint a book when it can be had for free as an e-book:

A free version of CB on any computer will read the files nicely, and
the text - or most of it - appears to be contained within as well,
unlike many CB e-books.

It would be easier to approve of Sam's copying if he added significant
new material (not just an new Introduction or Foreword, by way of
which he thinks he is getting away with something) or perhaps trying
to reprint all three major Grob books with a concordance. Or updating
it based on the others. Just annofritzing Bloodgood's analysis could
prove interesting, but no, Sam just wants to photocopy someone else's
work and sell it as his own. If his plagiarism was a bit more
creative, it might be tolerable.

I could have pointed it but I think we all went through this before
with another, I Am Photocopying A Book and Selling It episode

The Tactical Grob would actually be more useful if it were updated
into say, short-algebraic - and better diagrams offered. As for the
Sutton Coalfield address, that was the HQ of the British Chess
Federation. I used to have a copy of Grob's book while in England. I
don't know if it has any advantages over Basman's title - I don't
think so.

Phil Innes

My books are not photocopies. They are very high resolution 600 dpi
scans. They usually look better than the original, as they are then

It was suggested that I enhance the book by adding my own games with
the Grob plus Fritz analysis. I have rejected that I idea because the
importance to the Bloodgood is that it is by Bloodgood. I will not
pollute it with anybody else's stuff.

I cannot improve on the diagrams in the book because they are very
high quality. What is amazing is that the book was written while
Bloodgood was in prison on Death Row. B. H. Wood must have done
substantial work on it, just re-typing and setting it and creating the

Was the full name of B. H. Wood Baruch H. Wood?

How strong was he as a chess player? By the way, I played him once.

Sam Sloan