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Default I am reprinting "The Tactical Grob" by Claude Bloodgood


I am *still* interested in learning how it is that your opinion of the
Claude Bloodgood matter changed so dramatically. Twice I have asked
this question:

question from a few days ago that Sam has not yet answered

Sam, your most recent comment on Bloodgood is as follows:

"Bloodgood's weakness as a player is obvious"

But earlier, in another thread, you advanced a different opinion:

"Claude Bloodgood...through hard work and diligent study
of chess, achieved a USCF rating or 2702, only to have it taken away
from him through a vile conspiracy by USCF insiders jealous of his

What caused you to change your opinion? And do you think that maybe
the accusation of a vile conspiracy was a bit hasty?

/question from a few days ago that Sam has not yet answered

There is nothing inherently wrong with changing an opinion, Sam. We
come across new facts, or new perspectives, so we change our minds.
The change evinced by your differing rhetoric seemed so remarkable
that I was wondering what was going on. I was hoping to learn
something by asking this question.


Chris Falter