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Default I am reprinting "The Tactical Grob" by Claude Bloodgood

On Dec 23, 10:32*am, Chris Falter wrote:

I am *still* interested in learning how it is that your opinion of the
Claude Bloodgood matter changed so dramatically. *Twice I have asked
this question:

question from a few days ago that Sam has not yet answered

*Sam, your most recent comment on Bloodgood is as follows:

*"Bloodgood's weakness as a player is obvious"

*But earlier, in another thread, you advanced a different opinion:

*"Claude Bloodgood...through hard work and diligent study
*of chess, achieved a USCF rating or 2702, only to have it taken away
*from him through a vile conspiracy by USCF insiders jealous of his

*What caused you to change your opinion? *And do you think that maybe
*the accusation of a vile conspiracy was a bit hasty?

/question from a few days ago that Sam has not yet answered

There is nothing inherently wrong with changing an opinion, Sam. *We
come across new facts, or new perspectives, so we change our minds.
The change evinced by your differing rhetoric seemed so remarkable
that I was wondering what was going on. *I was hoping to learn
something by asking this question.


Chris Falter

This is no mystery Chris, Sam is of two minds and they are in the
middle of a family argument and have reached an impasse so are
ignoring each other, which leaves Sam out of his mind (hehwehehehe).