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Default Response to Polgar's Rule 41 Motion

Good points, Chris. Sam made a similar mess of the FSS lawsuit where
he had a strong case and he hasn't learnt his lessons and continues to
be stupid without any focus and arguments all over the place.

Sam sees to have acquired a working knowledge of the mechanics of
filing stuff pro se, but lacks the discipline to restrict himself to
pertinent issues. *The stream of consciousness style seems more
appropriate to a blog.

I suspect this was the #1 Reason that the Judge in Sam's N.Y. Case
[which started this whole mess] pitched the whole case and stated that
the case was "frivolous". Add to that that Sam is a "Serial-
litigant"... People like Sam, Parker, and Marcus Roberts tend to clog
up the legal system with trivial matters that could better resolved in
some format like Judge Judy's Court TV -- Hell in that format Sam
would become a genuine TV Star, given that he would be appearing in
front of Judge Judy so many times. Then again Marcus Roberts [insert
title de jour] might give Sam a run for his money as the "Serial
Litigant of the Year Award".