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Default Rybka 4 is stronger...ergo Rybka 3 was weak

On Jul 9, 8:10*pm, raylopez99 wrote:

WTF you talking about Minor? *

I understand that you are mentally impaired, so out of pity I will
to refresh your memory. You very recently requested that I provide
examples of 'bad' commentary by the self-described award winning
chess program. Well, I have thus far only managed to scrounge up
and post a single example of *precisely what you requested* on
account of my computer being so busy with other work.

Now, there is no question but that Fritz is a super-strong chess
engine! Everyone knows this. My original complaint was in regard
to the *textual commentary* for which the marketing people had
claimed numerous awards. I asked if there were any examples of
this award winning stuff floating about, and you of course failed to
provide any (while at the same time changing the subject to one in
which we both happen to agree).

Meanwhile, although failing to answer my request, you had no
compunction (here, Phil: regarding making
your own irate 'demand' to see examples of 'bad' commentary. I
now have provided one such example... and it goes without saying
that you have responded in no more intelligent a fashion than
would say, a deranged blowfish.