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Default Examples of much weaker programs beating stronger ones?

On Sep 9, 9:39*am, Sanny wrote:

We're talking computers Minor, not humans. *Can you find me a game
with a 600 Elo difference that was won by the weaker machine?

GetClub once beat Jester 2 years back when Jester was arround 20 times
stronger than GetClub.

Today, even after 20 fold improvements GetClub finds it difficult to
beat Jester.

So Luck may favour a weak engine.

In this case, it may be that the operator had something to do
with the outcome. I think what Phil-Ray is looking for is a game
in which a significantly weaker program won on its own, sans any
hanky-panky or interference or incompetence by the computer

One way to find such games is to use the google search engine.
Advanced techniques like typing two words into a search engine
are far beyond the abilities of Phil-Ray, because after typing them
in correctly you must press the 'enter' key and then examine the
results. Note that this process involves more than one easy step,
thus exceeding his limited abilities.