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Default Chessica for Windows 3.1

On 2/1/2011 4:22 AM, Martin Brown wrote:
On 31/01/2011 18:19, EZoto wrote:
Is there anywhere I can get this? I have the demo but the full version I
can't find anywhere. The archive Tascbase site doesn't help. I want
Chess tutor and chessica but can't find them. I have the full version of
Tascbase but would like to get the complete set. Hope someone can help.
I know it is dos but I still like these programs.

It was remaindered off in the UK ages ago. It will only run on rather
elderly versions of Windows. Maybe Win95 at tops. Try looking for TASC
Training software I think Chessica is included in that package eg.

This variant claims ot be OK up to WinXP. Or in the UK

(seems to come with Fritz9 in this incarnation)

It is about the right level for teaching at school chess clubs for
learning all the basic tactical motifs and some of the more advanced
ones. It was quite nicely done.

Martin Brown

Yes it was. I still believe that Chessbase 6.01 and Fritz 5.16 with
both patches is the best complete chess program for Windows 3.1.
Nothing even comes close with Chessmaster 4.0 turbo a distant second
though CM4 isn't that bad. I have mostly all the best Dos chess
programs ever made and it is a lot of fun. Too bad Chess assistant
didn't make a chess program for Win 3.1 but there Dos 2.0 program is
great. Still am hooked on the Dos and just can't get into the latest
chess programs for XP, Vista etc. Just would hate to see these great
dos chess programs disappear forever and Win 3.1 too.