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Jenö Nyerges
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Default Should a 1400er study master games?

Hello dear chessfriends,

I seek your advice again, this time on a very subtle aspect of my
studies.My national rating isnt 1400 yet but i havent played rated otb
for many months and my tactics training is a blast.So lets assume i am
1400:Should I solely rely on puzzle solving, playing, analysing my own
games, studying endgames?.I tried to go over some annotated games by
Alekhine.That is, I tried to use the solitaire chess method,
originally recommended by Nimzowitsch:I would cover up the move of
white/black(the side I chosed to "play" for) and then try to forecast
a move.Is this the right study regimen for a weak player like
me?Because I heard very contradictory statements about that:Some
people recommend to go quickly over many games, just to see good
moves.But I remain doubtful wether or not this approach will enable me
to retain the knowledge.Anyway, thats why I am asking: Do you think
playing over annotated games by the old masters very slowly(taking 2
hoursfor the game or longer) is the right study program for a 1400er?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Jenö Nyerges